Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 12

Monday, May 12: 

A cold, rainy day was a perfect time to head inside, so we went to the Palais Garnier, the ornately-detailed Paris Opera house -- and home to the Phantom!   

 Saro is enjoying his "selfie" in front of the Garnier.

Audra, Aaron, Emma, and Paul wondering how to get the Grand Ballroom into their suitcases!

Peeking inside the auditorium!

Admiring the Marc Chagall ceiling, painted in 1964, honoring Mozart and several other composers.

Checking out Harry's New York Bar with Brett and Elena, where you step off the street of contemporary Paris near the Opera Garnier and step into a setting that feels like Hemingway or Fitzgerald might bump into you at any moment.  It doesn't look like it has changed since the 1920s, with old American college pennants tacked to the walls and a barman with the smooth manners of a generation long past.  It's truly a time-warp moment.

That night, Saro and Quel enjoy their pasta and burger at Watt, a neighborhood restaurant across from the Cluny Museum garden.


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