Monday, May 19, 2014

May 14

Wednesday, May 14:

On another beautiful day, we headed out of town on the RER suburban train to Versailles, about 12 miles from downtown Paris.  Originally a hunting lodge for Louis XIII, who was wanting to escape from all the palace intrigue at the Louvre during the 1620s, Versailles became under Louis XIV, the "Sun King," the most magnificent palace in Europe during the mid-to-late 17th century. 

And the back yard isn't too shabby either: 




And like many French museums and historical sites, there's good food nearby.  In the gardens of Versailles is the Italian restaurant, La Petit Venise.  It's housed in a former stable that they've renovated very impressively.

And we couldn't resist a bit of desert after lunch:  I had Passion Fruit and Chocolate Choux Buns with limoncello creme sauce. 

By the end of the day, most of us agreed that's it's good to be the King -- until the Revolution comes, that is.  

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